Meet Marion Mitchell

We’re delighted to introduce one of our latest Select Trail 2018 artists, Marion Mitchell, a British ceramicist who specializes in delicate, floral painting in clay. Mitchell creates simple dishes in stoneware and scribes into them her evocative and romantic floral drawings.  These are then painted in slip before firing at high temperature. Each piece is glazed to further enhance her joyful colours and romantic lines. The effects are so delicate yet vital that they remind us of Raoul Dufy.

Based on Slad Road leading up to the stunning Laurie Lee location of Slad, Gloucestershire, Mitchell is inspired by the surrounding beauty and records seasonal changes in watercolour throughout the year. These paintings inspire her new collections, colourways and compositions where each dish functions as an unique canvas. She also builds complex floral structures in clay and paints these, in contrast, with soft monochrome hues, much like glazed, miniature versions of  Phoebe Cummings‘ winning pieces.

Discover more here and meet her in the studio over the Select Trail 2018 weekends.

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