Meet Samantha Silverton

We’re delighted to introduce one of our latest Select Trail 2018 artists, Samantha Silverton, a British artist who specializes in expressive painting on fired earth. Silverton creates simple clay forms that she paints in slip with decorative, layered marks. Each piece is glazed to further enhance her drips, daubs and stains of colour.

The artist’s painting on clay is so compelling that it makes each piece very collectible. By keeping to simple coiling and slab techniques for construction, Silverton allows our focus to concentrate on the surface. She is currently taking time to develop her unique process in the Ceramics Department at Bath Spa University until July 2018.  We look forward to showing you her collections at Select Trail 2018. Will they remind us of former Bath Spa professor Howard Hodgkin or de Kooning?

Much like our previous Select Trail 2018 featured artist, Sarah Kelly, each piece evokes a sense of identity, feeling and poetry and enables us to enjoy a series of inspired moments.

Discover more here and find out how to meet her here.

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