Meet Sarah Kelly

We’re delighted to introduce one of our latest Select Trail 2018 artists, Sarah Kelly, who is based in Stroud, UK, but spent many years living in the Soloman Islands in the South Pacific Ocean and in Australia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Kelly creates assemblages from found objects and frames these in miniature landscapes. Each landscape evokes stories and recollections of her experience of being brought up in different cultures and parts of the world. The quality of light, colour and atmosphere of her memories are invested in these autobiographical tableaux. Each piece evokes a sense of place, feeling and poetry and holds up a window for us to peer in and see.

Much like our previous Select Trail 2018 featured artist, Archana Pathak, Kelly’s expressions of memory and cultural identity are given a poignant and lasting status in her “time capsule” self-portraits. Discover more here.

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