Archana Pathak is Crafts Council’s Maker of the Week

We’re delighted to announce that one of Select Trail 2018’s new Guest Artists has been given the Crafts Council’s acclaimed Maker of the Week title.

Pathak’s work focuses on memory, place and identity. Born in India with a textiles heritage that brought her to the UK to read for an MA in Sustainable Textiles at Chelsea College of Art & Design, she has since developed her practice at the textiles incubator, Textiles Hub London, alongside other key embroidery and stitch artists.

Pathak employs an unique textile process that echoes her visual research.  Her profound interest in community, belonging and identity inspire her to collect old mementoes of personal stories such as maps, greetings cards and postcards.  She then copies and transfer prints these artefacts on to muslin and strips the printed fabric into slim ribbons.  These are then embroidered into her linen canvas to create a lasting embodiment of transient moments. The delicacy and thoughtfulness of each piece is communicated in full.  Her expressions of memory and identity are given a powerful and lasting status.  Discover more here.



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