Meet Clare Bassett

We’re delighted to introduce Select Trail 2018 artist, Clare Bassett, who specializes in printmaking and silver jewellery. Both elements of her work are beautiful and intriguing and we are particularly taken by her lithographic prints.

There is a stillness, weight and poised narrative in all of these. They are mostly figurative and colourful images yet there is a proximity and closeness that opens the door on to very private, reflective moments.

In her own words: “I explore the physicality, as well as the situation, of these people. By their very solidity, they are rooted to the spot. Possibly through choice, possibly through the inability to act. In the lithographs working on a piece of stone adds to the monumental nature of the figures. There is a sense of carving the images in two dimensions… I hope that these pieces manage to stay fresh to the eye, as the discussion between the picture and the viewer continues over time, with new stories and new voices emerging.”

We recommend that you drop by to view her latest collections and pick up a piece that will be timeless and fun to behold. Bassett is prolific in her output so there is much to see in her beautiful Gloucestershire studio.

Discover more here and where to find the studio .

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