Meet Tom Knowles Jackson

We’re delighted to introduce Select Trail 2018 ceramicist, Tom Knowles Jackson, who specializes in beautiful stoneware for the home and garden. His work is bold, expressive, subtle and very collectible. His colours and glazes are superb. We particularly like his combination of rustic British weight coupled with a delicate Eastern sensibility.

Discover his latest dishes, jugs, teapots, tea bowls, pots and ingenious artist cups in his stunning new studio, The Clay Loft, that he set up since being a finalist on the BBC TV Great Pottery Throwdown show.

In his own words: “I make high fired stoneware pots for use in the home and garden.  My work is reduction fired in a homemade gas kiln and glazed in locally sources wood ash glazes and a natural palate derived from ancient Chinese and Japanese tradition.”

We recommend that you drop by to browse his collections and to watch demonstrations that he will be giving throughout both trail weekends. You can get involved too in the classes Tom offers and, of course, according to the Crafts Council, ceramics is officially good for your health.

Discover more here and where to find Tom in his Gloucestershire studio .

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