Meet Teresa Poole

We’re delighted to introduce Select Trail 2018 artist, Teresa Poole, who specializes in acrylics, oils and mixed media painting.

Her works are large and engaging as she employs diverse techniques from gold leaf chinoiserie to wet oils on mixed media photographs. She is inspired by eastern decorative painting techniques and develops these in her own style. Washes, layers, translucency and reflection characterize all her works lending them a poetry, lightness and serenity.

Her studio is based at the impressive Griffin Mill (a former textiles mill in the early 1800s) which houses over twenty painters, ceramicists and printmakers all taking part in the trail. It is located in the beautiful Chalford Valley, just east of Stroud and Poole speaks keenly about her love of the rural location and its impact and effects on her work and creative flow.

As a mural painter, she was commissioned to paint Queen Elizabeth II’s ship, the QEII, and a decorative series for Hilton Hotels & Resorts. She specializes in delivering private and public mural commissions.

Discover more here and see her in the studio over the Select Trail 2018 weekends.



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