Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative

Prints at the Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative.

Visit the Gloucestershire Print Cooperative and see inspiring demonstrations of printing skills using the wonderful print machines and tools they have in the studio.

Visitors to the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative will be able to go into their two studios and see a range of equipment being used. They have facilities for etching, lithograph, relief print, fabric and paper screenprint, monoprint, dry point, collagraphs, photogravaure and photography. Printmakers will be around to demonstrate various pieces of equipment and to answer questions about the work which will be displayed around the studios and in our gallery space.

BROCHURE AMENDMENT: Artists Jane Henriques, Faisal Khouja, Lavinia Gallie and Terence Millington, highlighted in the brochure, will not be exhibiting in Select Trail 2018.

Select Trail 2018 venue:

Unit 16c, Griffin Mill, London Road, Thrupp GL5 2AZ.