Artists, Registration is Now Closed!

Select Trail 2018 takes place

5 – 6 & 12 – 13 May 2018.

Registration is now CLOSED.

Please click on the link below to fill out the online Registration Form (you’ll need four images at the ready saved as My Name_Image 1.jpg, My Name_Image 2.jpg, My Name_Image 3.jpg, etc*).  The online form is quick and easy to fill out:

>  Registration Form.

*Image specifications are as follows:

Image 1:

  • A favourite image of an entire piece of the artist’s work against a light background at 211mm x 211mm and 300dpi (2492 pixels square).

Image 2:

  • A second favourite image of the artist’s work, in any composition, at 211mm x 211mm and 300dpi (2492 pixels square).

Image 3:

  • Upload a favourite image of the artist in their studio or just their ‘hands at work’ (size as above).

Image 4:

  • Upload a favourite image of a favourite person(s) or animal(s) visiting your studio/admiring your work (at same size as above). This one’s a fun option for our social media campaign so that potential visitors might see a fluffy friend in the studio or a daughter trying on one of the artist’s best designs or whatever fun interaction with your work and or workspace you can think of!

The uploaded images will be used by the Select Trail team, at their discretion, in the curated brochure and in social media over the coming months by way of promotion for the artists, their work and the trail.

For details on what to expect from Select Trail 2018 please read our Why Join In? page, if you haven’t done so already, here.

Any questions? Do contact us!